Web Series for Teens Premiers Sept 2013

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Themes Tackle STEM Concepts Using Real-World Problems and Solutions

MURRIETA, Calif., June 12, 2013 – The International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) is partnering with Pink Castle Pictures to launch a groundbreaking web series targeting middle school students. The series is part of an effort to engage students in education and promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts using real-world situations.

“We’re committed to finding creative ways to help raise students’ interest and engagement in the learning process,” said Scott May, ICPD Executive Director. “In the United States, students’ lack of engagement and declining interest in school is well-documented. School funding continues to decrease, and America continues to slip in world education rankings among developed countries.”

“We want to help ignite the spark that makes students want to learn, to ask questions, and to take on challenges,” May explained.  “Our new effort with Pink Castle Pictures uses entertaining web-based programming to tell the stories of high school students who explore their talents and put the theories they’re learning about in school to practical use."

“swivet,” scheduled to debut in September, gives viewers a fun and educational look into the lives of teenage students and the intellectual and social challenges they face. The series follows the adventures of a Southern California teen with eidetic memory.  Her world changes as she navigates through her sophomore year in high school with her friends.  Each season will focus on various aspects of STEM learning, and concepts are explained at the middle school level by the characters themselves as they tackle issues using science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“swivet” brings complex lessons to life using high quality video production, creative story telling, motion graphics and animation.  It also integrates elements of popular culture to keep kids entertained.  In an effort to ensure that educational aspects are accurate, relevant and topical, ICPD and Pink Castle Pictures have enlisted a team of educators to consult on the project.

“The show’s main character, Diamond, is an extraordinary girl who is just now starting to tap into her abilities as an intellectual," explained Tye Lombardi, the writer for the show.  "Until now, she’s been able up to blend in, but as she starts to realize the power of her talents and intelligence, her world changes. Her growth is inspiring, and what viewers will see is informative, entertaining, and emotional, with unexpected moments of humor."

“swivet” debuts with the episode “A Very Unhappy Birthday” on September 27, 2013. Each season is comprised of 12 five- to ten-minute episodes filmed at locations throughout the United States and internationally.  Season one includes scenes filmed in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  Season two will be filmed in Washington, D.C.  The series is written by Tye Lombardi and directed by Cam Savalan.  It stars Kaela Freeman, Zondra Wilson, Giselle DaMier, Amanda Lungaro and Jamason Coles.


About ICPD

The International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that promotes learning across disciplines using interactive and direct instruction for career training, continuing education, and mentoring for students, military veterans and life science professionals.  For more information about “swivet,” visit www.swivetZone.com

Contact: Scott May at (202) 441-7370 or smay@icpdprograms.org.