Inland Valley Teen to Star in "Diamond Life"

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“Diamond Life” is a funny and refreshing story that follows Diamond Wilson, a glamorous Hollywood teen whose dream in life is to become famous.  She lives it up as a high-school freshman with her sidekicks Debbie and Daisy and is always concerned about what her boyfriend Derek is doing.  Diamond is trying to create and pitch her own show and when her plans constantly crumble new and exciting lessons are learned.

In the first few episodes, Diamond is yanked from her comfortable lifestyle of parties, pampering and boys when her mother decides to bring her along to Africa on one of her many science expeditions.  She desperately tries to sabotage the trip and is upset, when after many failed attempts the journey gets off to a bumpy start without her friends, cell phone and iPod.

Such is the story of “Diamond Life,” a humorous new Web series starring Kaela Freeman, 15, a high school student and seasoned actress, singer and dancer from Murrieta, CA.  Kaela’s commercial acting success includes national campaigns for Levi’s, AT&T, McDonalds, Geico, Domino’s Pizza and others.

“This show is truly an opportunity for Kaela to create awareness about other cultures and social responsibility issues that are hard to bring to the average teen viewer,” explained Bill Herndon, Director and Executive Producer of “Diamond Life.”

Filming will take place in Zimbabwe, South Africa and California.  In South Africa, Kaela will visit Johannesburg.  She will also travel with the crew to Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls/Matetsi area, where her character will visit a village with underprivileged children and go on a wild safari.

“Africa is the one place Kaela does not get,” said Kaela’s mother, who co-founded a non-profit, Internet-based organization seeking to boost the self-sufficiency of disadvantaged people in Africa. “It’s been my dream to get her to understand why Africa is so remarkable and beautiful.  She’s finally going to see this for herself.”

Each episode of the Web series focuses on a specific theme, conflict and scenario and is independently informative and entertaining.  The “Diamond Life” series is scheduled to launch in February 2011 and will be presented at high schools throughout the United States.  Distribution through cable and broadcast networks can be organized for 2011.

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About Kaela Freeman

Kaela Freeman was born in California. Kaela has studied acting with Hollywood’s top acting coaches. She has been acting since the age of seven and has appeared in TV shows and films such as “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”  She has also appeared in several national commercials for brands like Geico, Dominos Pizza, Kmart, McDonalds, Levi’s and AT&T.

As a high school student and humanitarian, Kaela lives a full life outside of Hollywood.  She genuinely loves being around people and uses her outgoing personality to raise awareness and address issues of concern to children. A few years ago, she and some friends organized a community event called the Murrieta Fun Fest that raised awareness of the health and educational needs of children in Africa.

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