Casting Actors and Extras for "swivet"

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Pink Castle Pictures is in pre-production on a brand new multi camera comedy series titled "swivet".  The Casting Directors for the show are hiring actors for recurring, guest starring and day player roles.  The extras will be cast throughout production which begins April 7, 2013 in Murrieta, California.  There will be a large number of actors hired to play high school students as well as adults to play teachers and parents.  The show is set for a summer 2013 premier.

Created by Liz Pasalk
Directed by Cam Savalan
Written by Tye Lombardi & Liz Pasalk


Contact casting: Wendy Lungaro,

We are shooting 4/7 and 4/8, 2013 in Murrieta, California.

Project Roles:

BASKETBALL PLAYERS: All ethnicities, filming on 4/7.

BASKETBALL GIRLFRIENDS: All ethnicities, filming on 4/7.

TEEN PARTY FRIENDS:  Hip and cool looking, trendy types, filming on 4/8.

DANCER KID: Strong dancer, he gets the party going, filming on 4/8.

GOTH KIDS: Interesting looking, character faces, filming on 4/7.

TALENTED AND GIFTED KIDS: Quirky and eclectic, extra smart looking, filming on 4/7.

STUDY GROUP KIDS: Nerdy looking, filming on 4/7.

COFFEE SHOP PATRONS: Professional looking adults, filming on 4/8.

This is a SAG-AFTRA New Media Project and pays $75 per 8 hour work day and $50 per 4 hour work day.